HSSG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is established in Taiwan. HSSG is a specialized international import and export company. HSSG's customer area of the service is global buyer and supplier. HSSG makes good use of the resources of global market. HSSG can let our customers look for buyers or supply with manufactures’ time sparingly. HSSG also offers most professional, efficiency, competitive terms of trade. Let our customer could find the good products, or let suppliers’ products could offer good buyers easily. According to the normal trade procedure, all kinds of trades ensure both parties’ trade right and reduce the deal risks of both sides.

HSSG offers the supply of all kinds of products what the global buyers need. For customers, HSSG could choice and check those buyers or suppliers. Collecting and combining all kinds of supplier with good speciality around the world. HSSG offers buyers a good trading choice of high quality products, competitive price. HSSG emphasizes all the products that any customer tells HSSG what he/she need. Base on the choice of the material of products, the manufacture of processes, and the quality of control, HSSG makes use of global relative product resource to analyze and compare each other. Thus, HSSG could do the best choice and decision on supplying and buying. Of course, HSSG also offers expert in OEM & ODM of any customer’s product. Just tell HSSG what kind of business services you nee? HSSG will respond soon and be pleasure to give you good suggestion.

About the service of suppliers and manufactures, HSSG offers many different industry suppliers and manufactures some good sale agency, distributor, wholesaler, foreign export and import trade service, offering factory raw material of production, stock products buy and sell, and those scrap of factory production buy and sell.

HSSG always deals with business in accordance with the management attitudes of zeal, patience, sincerity, and the professional, object